Create A Free Business Website With Google - Add Your Business To Google

Sameer Saini February 08, 2022
Create A Free Business Website With Google - Add Your Business To Google

In today's world, everybody needs a website, whether it be a small business or big, a freelance individual, or just a small physical shop. 

Having a website is literally the most important a business can have and this could be your first point of contact with your potential customer.

People find businesses online and then go to their website searching for more information.

This is the process everybody follows so having a website is very important.

There are plenty of website builders, freelance individuals available who can create your website. But most of them are usually paid. You have to pay something to somebody to create yourself a website, especially if you are from a non-development background.

But, in this blog post, we will see how easy it is to create a website for your business for free. We will use Google business and create a free website for ourselves. Just follow the blog post step by step.


Create Business Profile On Google My Business

Before we can start creating a free website with Google, we have to create a business profile on Google My Business.

To do that, visit Google My Business and click on the "Manage Now" button.


On the next page, you can try searching for your business, if you can't find it, click on "Add your business on Google" button.



In the next step, it's time to give your business name and business category in the form. In our example, I will add "CodeLikeADev - Demo" in the business name field and "Software Company" in the business category field. Click on "Next" when you are done filling these two fields.



In the next step, you may add details to the physical location that you want to tell your customers. Example, the address to your physical shop so that local customers can see the address when they find your business profile on Google.



The next step is to tell your customers the locations that you may serve. You can be both a physical store or an online store and you may add a region that you serve as a business.

For example, if you are in New York, and you serve the New York region, add that here so that Google My Business takes this information when showing your listing to local customers.



Then, it's time to add your contact info. If you have an existing website that you want customers to redirect to, please enter the website URL here.


If you don't have an existing website, please check the checkbox "I don't have a website" and click next.


Then, you are asked to verify your address. You may do this step now or verify later. This is an important step and your Google Business listing might not go live till the time you verify your business address.



The next few steps are totally optional. Google business will ask you to add the operating days of your business, accept messaging, etc. You may answer these questions or choose to skip and add them later.


Finally, your business profile is almost ready.




Click on the "Continue" button and you will be redirected to your Google My Business dashboard page.

Here, from this business page, you get access to a lot of tools that will prove to be useful for your business.

The tools include but are not limited to adding posts and info, checking insights, checking and replying to reviews and messages, etc.



Here, we can also see an option called "Website". Let's click on the "Website" tab and Google My Business takes you to Google's website builder page. 

On this page, you see that Google has created a default website for your business.

On the default website, we see that we have top-level navigation for the website, that has a call to action button to call on your listed number.

Then we can also see a hero header that has the name of the business that we entered during the signup process.

This hero element also has a "Get Quote" button which takes the user to the messaging page.

Then there are some photos and will show the posts that you add on the Google My Business website.

All these sections are totally customizable. Let's see each one how.



1. Selecting A Theme For Your Website

The first thing you should do is to go to the "Themes" section of the website and select the theme you like. Google My Business website builder offers around 15 color themes to choose from.

You can select any one theme that you like.



2. Editing Your Google Website Content

From this section, you can edit and update the headline, description, and add the summary header and body as well.

You can also change the hero button to change from "Get Quote" to any options that are available in the dropdown.

These options are "Call Now", "Contact Us", "Make Appointment", Message Us (SMS)" or Whatsapp Message.



3. Adding Photos To Google My Business Website

You can use the "Photos" tab just below the Edit section to add photos to your website.

These show up on the Gallery section of the website.



4. Publishing Your Changes

Once you are done making all the changes that you needed on your free google website, it's now time to publish these changes so that your customers can view them.

On the "More" tab, you can click on the "Publish Now" button to publish these changes and update your Google My Business Website.



Viewing Your Free Google Website

All the above steps that are mentioned in the blog post are totally optional but making your website attractive and personal to your business attracts your potential clients.

When you publish the Google My Business website, you will get a free website domain from Google.

This is a domain that Google Mybusiness provides and it isn't as personal as you would like. 

There are two options from here:

1. You can keep the domain provided by the Google My Business page.

2. You can buy a domain of your choice that is available for use and add it to the Google My Business web page. This will make your website personal and you could buy a domain that is more accurate to your business.