Embed Google Forms In Website

Sameer Saini March 06, 2022
Embed Google Forms In Website

In this blog post, we will go step by step into creating and embedding a google form into a website.

We can embed google forms in website for so many different reasons.

We can embed google forms in HTML like a contact form, like a voting form, like a feedback form, etc.

Google forms are a handy way to get quick feedback without connecting your website to a backend service or a database.

What Are Google Forms?

Google forms are a free forms creation service that Google users can use and create versatile forms online.

With Google Forms, you can easily create and share online forms and surveys, and analyze responses in real-time.

You can use Google forms drag and drop feature to create and order questions.

By using Google forms, users can easily customize colors, fonts, images, order questions, and adjusts question and response types to meet their needs.

All of the responses and data is saved on Google and you don't have to manage anything. Users just have to analyze the response data which is updated in real-time.

Even better, you can create Google forms and share them via links, emails or embed them in websites.


How To Create A Google Form?

Creating Google forms is really easy and anyone can do it. You just need a Google login.

To log in to Google forms, go to this link here.

Once you are logged in, either use one of the existing templates or use a blank Google Form template.

In this example, we will use a contact information Google Form template to speed up the process so that we can use it to embed it in the website.

We have created this contact us form that we can use on our website on the contact us page.

We can use this google form and embed this google form on our HTML website.

Customizing, Previewing, and Other Google Form Options

From the top menu, we can use the option buttons provided to us that gives us various options.

We have a button to customize our Google Form, a button to preview our Google Form changes, and a Send button which we will use to share our Google form to email, via a link or to embed it in a website.

Let's use this Send button in the next step and get the Google Form Embed code.

Get Google Form Embed Code

Now that we have created our Google Form, we will get the Google Form embed code and then use this embed code in our website.

To get the embed code for the Google Form that you just created, click on the Send button on the top right of the page.

Once you click on the Send button, you will see the various sharing options.

Click on the right-most button with the two angle brackets as shown in the image.

In this tab, you can see that there is an Embed HTML code given in the textbox.

You can use the Copy button to copy this Google Form Embed Code.

Embed Google Forms In Website Using Embed Code

You've copied the Google Form embed code, that's great news.

Now, let's use it.

Let's go to the HTML page where you want to embed your Google Form.

Paste your copied embed code at the location where you want to show your Google Form.

We have added the Iframe Google Forms embed code in the body tag just below our H1 tag.

When we open this HTML file in the browser, the website looks like this:

That's it. It's that easy. Now you can host your website and the users on your website can fill this Google Form without you having to host a backend service or a database.

You can go ahead and change the CSS to place the Iframe where ever you want on the web page.