Full Screen Background Video For Your Website Using HTML and CSS

Sameer Saini February 19, 2022
Full Screen Background Video For Your Website Using HTML and CSS

A lot of websites that are rich in user experience use a full-screen video background to provide rich media content that supports their website.

This can be a product demonstration, user reviews, etc.

The full-screen video background looks amazing and achieves its purpose. 

But, they can be a little tough to achieve.

In this blog post, we will see how we can create a full-screen video background so that you can place that on your website as a hero header and play videos in it.

To begin with, we have an HTML structure that links to our CSS file.


Adding Video Element To Our Website

Now, we will add a video element to our website and give a video source to it.

We have used a royalty-free video from Pixabay for this example.

This is the video element we want to show on our website hero header.

As you can see that we are wrapping this video element in a div container and have given a class to it.

On the video element, we want the video to start as soon as the video is loaded and not show any controls on it.


Adding CSS Styles To Make The Video Element Full-Screen

We will add the following CSS styles to the video container and the video element.

The CSS styles are pretty straightforward.

We are giving a full width and height style to the container and video element and making the container element not show anything that overflows the container.

The result of the above is a spectacular full-screen background video that can be added as a hero header on the top of the website.

This may or may not contain any text overlay but this is totally up to the design of your website.


Full-Screen Video Background - Source Code