Create A Hero Banner Image Using HTML and CSS

Sameer Saini February 19, 2022
Create A Hero Banner Image Using HTML and CSS

What Is A Hero Banner?

A hero banner is a big size image (sometimes a full-screen image) on the top of the website.

The purpose of this hero image is to basically present the overall goal of the website or business.

This hero image banner may or may not have overlay text on top of it.

It also sometimes has a call to action button so that users coming on to the website click on the call to action button on the hero banner displaying the clear motive of the website or the business.

This call to action button could be a free trial, sign-up button, etc. 


Creating A Hero Image Banner

Step 1 - Creating the HTML Structure

We will start by creating the HTML structure for our website. 

We will also link the CSS stylesheet to the HTML page.

Now, we add some more HTML structure. We will add some HTML elements to create our hero image and then we will also add elements to create text overlay for this hero banner.

Step 2 - Adding Styles To Our Elements

It's now time to add some CSS styles to our HTML elements to make our hero image banner stylish.

We are mainly focusing to give a full-screen size to the images and create an overlay on that image.

The CSS styles are as below:

This Is How Our Hero Image Banner Looks

This is what our banner looks like. We get a full-page hero banner that has some overlay text and a visible call to action button.


Hero Image Banner - Source Code