HTML and CSS offer us to use italics in a website. For example, this text has been made italic using HTML and CSS.

What Is Italics And Why Do You Need Italic Text In A Website

In typography, italic type is a cursive font based on a stylized form of calligraphic handwriting.

Italic text is used to provide emphasis in text.

Make Text Italic Using <em> HTML Tag

HTML provides the em element that stands for emphasis. If you wrap text in between the em tags, you will get a text that is italic. Let's see this in an example.


Make Text Italic Using <i> HTML Tag

Similar to the <em> tag, we can also use the <i> HTML element to make text italic. If you wrap text between the <i> tag, you will get an italic text on your website.

Let's see this in the below example:


Make Text Italic Using CSS Font-Style Property

Along with using the above HTML elements, you can also use CSS style to make the text italic. We make use of the font-style property available to us in CSS and assign an italic value to this property.

Let's see an example: