In this blog post, we will learn how we can open a task manager in many different ways.

A Task Manager is an advanced utility tool in Windows machines that helps you manage the apps and services that are running on your machine.

Task manager is not something that you use daily but whenever you want to kill a process or a service, you might need to open a task manager.

So in this article, let's see how we can open a task manager in different ways.





You will hate yourself for this method because this is soemthign that you already know. The easiest way to search for a program is to just use the search on windows.

Click on the search icon just right to the windows icon and type 'Task Manager' to search.

Once task manager appears on the screen you can click to open Task Manager.

Open Task Manager Using Windows Search



Open Task Manager From Start Menu

In this method, we will open the task manager from the start menu.

The start menu is your windows icon, that is the left most icon on the bottom of your screen.

Click on the start menu icon.

Then scroll down and navigate to the Windows System.

Expand the Windows systems category and you will find the Task Manager item in that category.

Click and open Task Manager

Open Task Manager From Start Menu



Open Task Manager Using Windows Run

There is another fast way to open windows task manager, and that is using the windows run command.

Windows run is a command based task runner that runs programs using their known shortcuts.

To open windows run, use the keybord and press WINDOWS KEY + R.

This will open the Windows Run box for your.

Now in that box, type, taskmgr and press Ok (or hit enter on your keyboard) to open the task manager on your windows machine.

Open Task Manager Using Windows Run