Publish An ASP.NET Core Website or Application On SmarterAsp.Net - ASP.NET Core Hosting

Sameer Saini January 31, 2022
Publish An ASP.NET Core Website or Application On SmarterAsp.Net - ASP.NET Core Hosting

In this post, we will be learning how to deploy an ASP.NET Core or an ASP.NET Framework Application or Website onto the internet.

We will be using SmarterASP.NET as our hosting provider and publish our ASP.NET Core Website on it.

SmarterAsp.Net gives out-of-the-box .Net installed servers where you can install and run your .Net websites and applications.

SmarterASP.NET provides 4 different hosting plans and they also have a 60-day free trial, which is amazing because then you can use this free plan and publish your ASP.NET Core Website on a trial basis or while you are still in development.

Once you are happy, you can purchase a plan and your website just works the same way.

Here is a snapshot of the pricing plan but head onto their website for the updated pricing.

Hosting Plans - Smarter ASP Hosting Plans

Once you have bought a plan or used the free trial plan, enter your details and signup for SmarterASP.NET

Once you are logged in, Click on "Websites" on the top navigation bar, then click on the "New Site" button.

Provide a name for your website or folder (Ideally your website name works well) and then click on Submit.

Once your new website has been created by smarterasp, click on show webdeploy info button

Then, we will enable VS Status and download the publish settings by clicking on the "Get Publish Settings" button.

Adding Publish Profile To Visual Studio ASP.NET Website

Now, it's time to add the downloaded publish settings and import that into your core project through Visual Studio.

Right-click on the project you want to publish and click on "Publish"

Then, click on "Import Profile" and browse for the publish settings that you downloaded from smarterasp.

You might have to "Edit" or "Configure" the publish settings to validate your connection and provide the username and password for your SmarterAsp account.

And finally, you should be all sorted. 

Click on the "Publish" button to publish or host your ASP.NET Core or ASP.NET Framework Website onto the internet. 

Publish an ASP.NET Core Website - Video Tutorial