Add PayPal Donate Button On Your Website And Youtube Using PayPal Link

Sameer Saini February 14, 2022
Add PayPal Donate Button On Your Website And Youtube Using PayPal Link

Are you thinking to add a "Paypal Donate Button" on your website or youtube and don't know how? Well, we have got you covered.

In this blog post, we will go step by step and add a custom "Paypal Donate Button" like the one we have on our website.


Why Add A Paypal Donate Button?

Well, there can be numerous reasons for this and your reason can be unique to your website.

Some people create donation buttons to help support their content. Creating content and hosting it over the internet cost money. Money can be buying a domain, maintaining a website, buying plugins for a website, etc.

People host their content so that other people can get benefit from them. Content such as this blog post is helpful to others who are searching for similar content.

Adding a donation button helps creators like myself support their hobbies, content, website, etc.

Many developers create open-source code that is free for all to use. This helps everybody and sometimes the creator themselves.

Adding a donate button and asking for donations is asking for support from people who get benefitted.

The Paypal donation button is just one of the vendors that offer websites to accept donations by their users. Other vendors include "Buy Me A Coffee", "Stripe" etc.


How To Add The Paypal Donate Button On Your Website Using The Paypal Donation Link?

This method is for users who have a little bit of website development experience.

In this method, we will get the Paypal donation link or URL from Paypal and then use that in a button on our website.

You should have some experience in web development to be able to do this as you would have to go into the code and add an HTML button that will lead users to the Paypal donation page.

Step 1 - Register With Paypal

To create a PayPal donation button of any kind, you would have to be registered and validated by Paypal. Go through the signup process of Paypal and then move to Step 2.

 Step 2 - Go To Account Settings

Once you are logged in to PayPal, click on the settings cog on the right-hand top corner of your screen.

This will take you to your account settings page.

Step 3 - Go To Seller Tools

From this page, click on the seller tools page and navigate to it.

Once you are logged in, you can directly go to this page using the link Sellers Tools

Step 4 - Manage Paypal Buttons

Click on the option that says manage PayPal buttons. 

Step 5 - Create A New Paypal Donate Button

Click on the donate button feature and this will take you to the page to create a new button. PayPal gives you two options to create a PayPal donation button.

The first option is using a link. PayPal creates a link and you would have to use that link in your website from a button or an anchor tag and when users click on that button, they will be taken to your PayPal donation page.

Step 6 - Create PayPal Donation Link

Click on the share a link or QR code button to start the process of creating a PayPal donation URL.

This is how the setup page looks like

On the left-hand panel, PayPal gives you some options to configure your donation page.

On the right-hand panel, you can see the changes that will take place as you are configuring the donation page with the options that you choose from the left-hand panel.

The options on step 1 of this setup are straightforward. 

PayPal asks you if you want to add a logo to your donation page or an image to the donation page. This can make your donation page stand out and personalized to the purpose of the website.

Feel free to add the logo or the image and click on continue once done.

Then, on the next step, PayPal asks you to customize your donation details.

From here, you can select the currency in which you want to receive the donations, and also can configure the amount that you want your donors to give.

I select "Any amount" and give my donors the freedom to choose any amount that they are happily able to donate. This way they do not feel forced to donate a bigger amount.

The last step is to get donors' mailing addresses and also add space to add a note on the donation page in case one of your generous donors wants to send a personalized message.

Clicking on the Finish button will create you a link like this one that you can use anywhere and accept donations.

Note - The above-generated link is just an example, you would have to follow the steps in your own PayPal account and create your own PayPal donation link.

You can then click on the "Copy" button and copy the PayPal donation link.


Adding PayPal Donation Link Onto The Website

Now that you have copied your own personalized PayPal donation link, it's now time to use it on your website.

This is where your website developer skills will come in handy.

Step 1 - Create An Anchor Tag

Create an anchor element on your website where you want to place your PayPal donation button.

If you want this to appear on all pages as we have on our website, place the anchor element on the header or footer.

This way users will be able to easily navigate to the donate button.

For this example, we will place it here within our text.

Create an anchor element and paste the copied PayPal donation URL into the href attribute.


Then you would have to style your button using some CSS code.

And by doing that your PayPal button will look something like we have over here.




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