In this blog post, we will create an ASP.NET CORE WEB API CRUD Application With Angular CRUD operations.

We will use ASP.NET CORE 6 or .NET 6 to create our WEB API and we will connect our API to an ANGULAR 13 application.

This Angular 13 application will perform CRUD operations on the ASP.NET CORE WEB API.




We will be building our WEB API with .NET 6 or ASP.NET CORE 6 which will be our backend service or REST API.

We will connect this ASP.NET CORE REST API to SQL SERVER database using Entity Framework Core.

On the Angular application side, we will use the App component and create a form that takes in the input and then show the list of the submitted changes on the right of the page.

We will create an Angular Service that talks to our API and inject that into our Angular solution.




In this video, we will learn how to create an ASP.NET CORE WEB API CRUD using .NET CORE 6 and also Create A CRUD Website using ANGULAR 13 and connect our Angular application to .NET Core Web API.



This will be a detailed tutorial in which we will first create an ASP.NET CORE WEB API using .NET version 6.

We will Install Entity Framework Core inside our ASP.NET CORE WEB API project and connect our .NET 6 WEB API to SQL Server.

We will use Entity Framework Core Migrations to create a SQL SERVER database using EF CORE Code first approach.

We will then create a new controller and create CRUD operations (HTTP GET, POST, DELETE, PUT) to Read, write and fetch data from our SQL server database using EF core.

Then we will create a new Angular application website using Angular 13.

We will create the HTML structure for our Angular website and create some CSS styles for our Angular component.

Then we will connect our Angular application to our ASP.NET CORE WEB API.

We will also ENABLE CORS inside our ASP.NET CORE WEB API.

Then we will create ANGULAR CRUD OPERATIONS by connecting our Angular 13 application to ASP.NET CORE 6 API.