Build REST APIs with ASP.NET CORE WEB API & Entity Framework

Sameer Saini March 24, 2022
Build REST APIs with ASP.NET CORE WEB API & Entity Framework

This is a complete guide to creating a highly scalable ASP.NET CORE RESTful WEB API using .NET Core Version 6 (.NET 6), Entity Framework Core and SQL Server database.

This course is for all skill levels and is best suited for beginners and intermediate developers who have gained knowledge in C# and ASP.NET framework and want to use their skills to learn highly scalable WEB APIs using REST principles.

In this WEB API course, we will use ASPNET Core Version 6 (also known as .NET 6) and create a RESTful WEB API.

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ASP.NET Core Web API Udemy Course

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During this course, you will gain so much experience creating APIs and endpoints and by the end, I am confident that you will gain enough practical knowledge to create your own ASP.NET Core Web APIs.

We will create a very engaging Web API in which we will create the regions and walks of New Zealand and we will create an ASP.NET Core WEB API so that clients of this API are able to consume this data.

We will start with learning what are the principles of REST, understand the files that ASP.NET Core creates as part of a new project.

Then we will create and understand our domain and domain models.

Then we will go ahead and install Entity framework core and using EF Core migrations we will create our SQL Server Database.

We will then create controllers for our API and test them using Swagger UI.

We will also understand and implement the concepts of Domain and Data models and use clean coding techniques to build our ASP.NET CORE Web API.

We will use a famous third-party library called Automapper to map objects inside our API.

With all of this, we will go on and create CRUD operations for our Web API. We will perform Create, Read, Update and Delete operations on our API using the Repository Pattern in ASP.NET Core REST API.

We will then add validations to our ASPNET Core Web API and use another famous third-party library called FluentValidations to validate our models.

Then we will understand and implement Authentication and Authorization in ASP.NET CORE Web APIS using JWT tokens and see how we can generate JWT tokens using our API (Server) so that we can Authenticate and Authorize the clients of our application.

We will use Postman and Swagger to test our Authentication and Authorization.

I assure you that by the end of this course, you will have the confidence to create scalable ASP.NET Core WEB APIs from scratch.

Buy RESTful ASP.NET Core Web API Udemy Course